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gather around your coffee table

since today is monday and it's the first of october, for some reason it feels like the perfect day to talk . . . not about resolutions, or how giddy i get at the onset of cold weather, not about celebrity gossip because frankly, living in switzerland i feel so disconnected from the realities of katie & suri, the kardashians, the pitts, and so many, many more that i can hardly bear it.  rather, it's time to gather around your coffee tables because it's time to talk . . . coffee tables.

for me, they are a must.  when they aren't there, it's like the elephant that's not in the room.  the void in front of your sofa holds a bounty of potential and opportunity.  it's a prop for your little legs to rest upon, your cup to sweat upon, your shins to hit, and a blank canvas to compulsively arrange and rearrange things on.  aside from its utilitarian resume, coffee tables provide visual balance and are a great way to add interest to your space via the table itself (more on that below) and or the items you place on top of it.

currently, this is my coffee table:

they are ideal for a quick wardrobe change, so i like to switch it up.  right now i have a large design book about norway that i got in milan, a little wooden puzzle from tokyo, an orchid that i keep talking to in hopes that it will survive another season, a brass kaleidoscope that i got for my 9th birthday, and then some random coral/ urchin things that really mean nothing to me.  i like to have things that have some personal meaning, are quirky and that people can engage with.

when you have a simple piece of furniture, it calls out for accessories.  however, duffy london's Up Coffee Table is hardly a simple piece of furniture.  this thing is the outfit and accessories all wrapped into one.

typical of duffy's style, the table plays on gravity-defiance.  the piece is handmade and is a limited edition of 20.  i think it's so funny how in the description on the website it says, " . . . designed without compromise to manufacturing processes, and extremely time consuming to create, hence they are a teensy-weensy bit expensive".  ah, that they are, at 5800 british pounds/ 9,359 US dollars each.