i'm charlotte cleverley. over the past 20 years i have been learning the ropes as a modern furniture designer. through the highs and lows of my experience, i have become rather acquainted with the non-stop researching, the studying, the compulsiveness, down to being completely swallowed up by this fantastic culture of modern design. the reviews are in! modern never sleeps.
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clever people

animal in disguise

david suhami has revamped the ultimate swiss icon--the ubiquitous swiss army knife!

aren't you just loving this thing?!  david's revamp comprises a rhino, giraffe and an antelope, and i spotted it on his portfolio at http://dsuhami.wix.com/davidsuhami.  he writes that his "fields of interest are technology and humor".

so i know what you're thinking . . . animal + wood + metal + modern = charlotte will love.  if you are indeed thinking this, then you must read clev rev often and i am deeply flattered!