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you're killin' me, smalls!

(i have nothing to say . . . )
because these signs speak for themselves!  i'm loving these funny signs made by oh dier living; just another great etsy find.  i'm thinking that if i personalized a sign it might say something like "check yourself before you wreck yourself", "i stop for quasars", or "because i gots to" (that one could be especially useful to just point at).  i'd even love a quote from jack handy or the movie anchorman.  maybe, "great story.  compelling and rich", or "60% of the time it works every time".  i think my man, brady's should be "i love clipboards".  or another one . . . ok, this is getting out of hand.

oh dier also makes these cool faceted boxes.  

i of course love the shape, the cool colors, and the swivel lid.  who doesn't love a swivel?  maybe that should be another one of my signs?  ok, i'll stop.