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modern grandfather

a modern grandfather sounds like a pretty cool guy.  maybe he wears some black converse chuck taylors, 
some ray ban aviators, 
loves sushi, 
and uses words like 'phat' and 'boss'.  he might even drive an LR4, 
and enjoys chillin' in his eames lounger while surfing the web on his ipad.
perhaps he lives in these digs (he opted for bunker-style because he didn't want anything too showy and insisted that it have a pool for the ol' grand kiddos), 
and he has this in his entry hall:

so what do you think about this concrete grandpa designed by forsberg form?  i'm feelin' it. 

'sushi' image courtesty of me hungry.

lifefactory bottles

i was first introduced to lifefactory by my lifelong bestie, chelsea.  (literally, lifelong.  we were born 9 days apart.  our mom's were besties before we were born, and they had lamaze classes together.  i am seriously the luckiest girl in the world.)  so chelsea gave me a lifefactory water bottle a few years ago, and it is still going strong!

and when i saw that they make baby bottles, too?!  i have to get some for my little cub!

lifefactory was started in 2007.  the bottles are a nice, thick, quality glass, and all come with a silicone sleeve to protect from breakage.  and don't you just love all of the colors?  i like the idea of mixing and matching the tops and sleeves . . . like a cute little silicon outfit. ;)

stick 'em up philippe starck!

dear philippe starck,

you have mad skills.  your resume wows me.  a la these lovelies:

but today i want to talk--not about some of your famous chairs, but about this super tough lamp of yours.

the gun lamp.  yes, i see it's a gun.  yes, i agree that 18k gold was the right choice.  i am obsessed with the cross icon right now so naturally i love the underside of the lampshade.  i only had sisters growing up, and we did things like ballet, piano, pulling hair, scratching, screaming, biting, yelling through the bathroom door, wearing each other's clothes without permission, tea parties, reading and listening to my mom recite poetry, building massive barbie compounds out of shoeboxes, and digging holes outside to make large swimming pools for les barbies.  gun themes don't come naturally to me, but i totally dig your lamp anyway (in a digging barbie swimming pool kind of way).