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cub's crib

what's that i hear?  you're tired of me dragging out the crib + nursery reveal?  well then, consider it revealed!
the lowdown is as follows:  we designed and built the crib, made the curtains and matching throw pillow, the mobile, stripped and painted the dresser/ changing table including painting the handles (but we are going to swap them out for ones made from zebrawood crib scrap once we get a chance), built the matching tray for the changing table, painted the space (actually, a couple of my friends jumped in on that one), and installed the light fixture.  (i also want to give a shout-out to brady's mom, because she was a MASSIVE help in getting everything done.)  

light fixture and dresser lamp:  kartell
crib bedding and changing pad cover:  dwell studio for target
wardrobe in the right corner:  ikea
rocker:  eames
furry stool:  fly furniture

we still need to add a rug, bookshelf, make the handles for the dresser, and add more artwork, but what in life isn't a work in progress?  so very profound. 

the mobile and changing table both used zebrawood scraps from the crib-build.  for the dangling icons (is there a technical name for them?), i wanted the mobile to have a swiss theme, so behold this felt marvel.  ok, so definitely not a marvel, but it was a fun project.  i refuse to use the word 'craft', although husb mentioned many-a-time about the kitchen table looking awfully 'crafty'.  rather than 'craft table' i prefer 'design center'.
it has been a few months and cub still seems quite amused by his overhead view.

the base of the crib offers some great storage (it never fails that the second i kneel down, pup comes over).  a $4 sticker makes the crib seem more authentically swiss.
i purchased these animals in suits on etsy 5 years ago and still get a kick out of them.
2012 has been a busy year.  i need a nap!