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good art hlywd! & a discount!

rachel got one.

mariah got one.

beyonce got one.

i had to have one!  a push present!  they've been gaining popularity courtesy of some popular celebs like the above, and as you may know, i like to be in the loop of things that are pOpuUlar (that little flair is from the play 'Wicked'.  so good, btw.).  so before i even knew i was expecting, i knew i needed one.  a push present.  i mean a baby + a push present.  and with some constant reminding gentle coaxing . . . husb gave me the most amazing present ever!  he was so excited about it that he actually gave it to me a few weeks early.  and that eagerness enabled me to wear it while i was pushing in the delivery room!

i've been a huge fan of Good Art HLYWD for years.  their stuff is all made by hand.  it's beautiful, artistic, edgy, handsome while still being feminine, and superior quality.  just wearing their stuff makes me feel cool.    

their factory and showroom are in downtown LA, and we stopped by there while we were in town over thanksgiving.  we were given the royal treatment with a tour, met the designer behind the brand, josh warner, and got to see how the pieces are made and how the metal is cast.  i even got to hold some molds!  THE molds!  i am a geek for industrial processes, so let's just say i had some thick glasses and a pocket protector goin' on whilst holding those molds!  

the attention to detail on good art's stuff is awesome, and each link is subtly inscribed with warner's initials.  

the initials can also be spotted on the super cool REVERSIBLE clasp, along with the company's logo.

to make good art's stuff even cooler, THEY ARE OFFERING A DISCOUNT TO CLEV REV READERS!  holla!  just go to their website, http://www.goodart.com/ and enter CLEVERLEY (in all caps) at the checkout to receive 15% off your order!  pretty boss, right?!!  

email me and let me know what you get!  i'm dying to know!