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crib-made crib

at the beginning of january i mentioned that husb and i are building a crib.  rather than doing a typical product post this week (er, last week since i'm a little behind), i thought it would be fun to show some in-progress construction shots.

below are from our woodshop in san diego.  we brady carefully cut and prepared all of the wood to be brought back to our apt in switzerland for assembly and finishing.  

once we got back to our swiss crib, it was time to start working on the baby's crib.  we didn't have the convenience of our woodshop, so the project quickly spread into the living room, dining room, the basement, on the balcony/ patio, in the hallway, and just about everywhere else.  in the process not only did we learn that it's not the most convenient to build here, but it is also WAY more expensive.  WAY.

the rails are zebrawood (as shown in the san diego pics) and everything else is birch ply.  the bottom cubbies will be drawers.

the power drill was huffing and puffing (especially in the second to last picture) to get through the super dense grain of the zebrawood.  that darn, beautiful grain that makes me giddily jump up and down while clapping because i love it that much also makes the wood twist like a dance floor full of teenagers in 1960.

honestly, the project has been a little stressful because we didn't have the building conveniences we're used to, but it's always fun to work with the one i love because we 'get' each other. brady respects that i pretty much control the design aspects of things and i respect that he pretty much controls the building aspects.  we definitely ask for each other's opinions (especially when the hardware or construction can greatly affect the design ;), but the bottom line is that we respect each other's strengths and i think we're more productive because of it.  something that i have recently had an 'aha' moment about is that when you're younger you typically want people to feel proud of you, but as an adult it's more important to feel respected.

ok, enough sappy stuff.  the finishing touches on the crib are so close that i can't even smell fresh sawdust anymore!  i'll post the completion pics soon.