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unit 1 by kalon studios

do you need more storage?  a small table perhaps or something to sit on top of your desk?  oh, what was that?  you want one piece to do both in case you ever change your mind?  that's impos where kalon studios comes in!  

kalon studios designed their versatile 'unit 1' as a pretty smart addition to your furniture collection.  made of eco-friendly bamboo and finished with a non-toxic wood oil, the piece will last without off-gas-ing.  (i was trying to keep that rhyming.)

something that i really, really, really wish that i had started earlier is collecting nice pieces of furniture.  you know, some modern classics.  you may be the only person in your dorm with an eames aluminum group chair that you inherited from your grandpa's friend's wife's cousin's estate sale because they didn't realize how much it was worth, but you undeniably stand out as someone with impeccable taste.  i've always been into furniture, so why didn't i?!  probably the cost and that i didn't think about it at the time, but the earlier you start, the earlier you can have furniture to fill your pad that will last and grow with you, not to mention pieces that hold and often increase in value.  and if you're pretty young or young-looking, you might even be able to get an extra discount on the piece.  (that noise that you hear is the sound of me kicking myself!)

one of the other beauties of modern pieces is that they will always be in style, but you can accessorize them as your tastes change.  you can always warm them up with more floral pillows (that one was for you, mom) or de-accessorize to make things feel more sculptural and starkly modern.