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modern mobile

so i was of course checking out modern baby gear and came across these cool modern mobiles by flensted mobiles.  

flensted mobiles is a family-owned company in denmark that has been around since 1954.  husband and wife duo, christian and grethe flensted were so inspired by the birth of their first daughter that they started the company, and have been going strong developing new designs ever since.  although mobile-making is a traditional craft that has been around for eons in denmark, the flensteds were the first to create and market them as decoration for the home.  pretty cool, eh?  i love trailblazers!

below is a solid pine fish mobile that i'm really digging.  it's sophisticated enough to be displayed somewhere other than a nursery, but still nursery appropriate.  (you've probably figured out by now that i'm really not into the babyish look.  i prefer something that a little guy or gal can grow into.)

'jonas and the whale' pictured below is clearly designed for a nursery, but without feeling cheesy.  i love the big smile on ol' whale's face and jonas' pose.

back to a little more sophisticated, here are a couple more of my favs:

silver rhythm made of aluminum, 
and flying chairs (all are made of cardboard expect for silver rhythm).