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i want e. coli

you'll see why i want e. coli in a minute.  who knows, you might be begging for strep.  all i can say is bev hisey, i love your rugs.  i know that love is a strong word to use considering that i don't really know you and you don't really know me, but i think we're a good match.

i love the two rugs above, and i also love the witty genius of your 'dirty dishes' series:

'streptococcus' (above),

'acinetobacter' and

'e. coli', which i am particularly fond of--great composition, interpretation and color.

and i've really been into anatomical hearts lately and have been thinking of ways to incorporate one into the cub's room, so naturally i fell in love with this little number called, 'cross my heart':