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cheers to a new year full of great design!

there have definitely been plenty o' interesting product designs over the years (so interesting, shall we say, that they are comical).  being that i have major baby-on-my-mind (as in full-blown panic that there is so much left to do before he gets here next month!  did i just write that?  oh  man, i can't breathe), i had to share this little invention from 1937 called the 'baby cage'.  distributed to members of the chelsea baby club in london who had no yards or gardens, these wire cages suspended little ones out of the windows for some fresh air and vitamin d.  ummm, can you believe people actually did this?!

next up is this dog restrainer from 1940.  again i ask myself, how on earth did this product get manufactured and distributed?  who funded this?!  please call me and i can help you reinvest. 

in design school we were constantly questioned about the concept of our work.  if you focus on having a solid concept, your design should be solid enough to sell itself.  anytime i design anything, i first pull this little gem from my tool chest and keep refining until i think i'm onto something.  it can be a frustrating and humbling process, but once you get your first prototype done and realize that you've got a meticulous, thoughtful design that actually functions, nothing feels better.

so raise your water bottle (because i have to have one within grasp at all times otherwise i'm in a tizzy).  here is to a new year full of new, fantastic, thoughtful, inspiring design!