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i want e. coli

you'll see why i want e. coli in a minute.  who knows, you might be begging for strep.  all i can say is bev hisey, i love your rugs.  i know that love is a strong word to use considering that i don't really know you and you don't really know me, but i think we're a good match.

i love the two rugs above, and i also love the witty genius of your 'dirty dishes' series:

'streptococcus' (above),

'acinetobacter' and

'e. coli', which i am particularly fond of--great composition, interpretation and color.

and i've really been into anatomical hearts lately and have been thinking of ways to incorporate one into the cub's room, so naturally i fell in love with this little number called, 'cross my heart': 

unit 1 by kalon studios

do you need more storage?  a small table perhaps or something to sit on top of your desk?  oh, what was that?  you want one piece to do both in case you ever change your mind?  that's impos where kalon studios comes in!  

kalon studios designed their versatile 'unit 1' as a pretty smart addition to your furniture collection.  made of eco-friendly bamboo and finished with a non-toxic wood oil, the piece will last without off-gas-ing.  (i was trying to keep that rhyming.)

something that i really, really, really wish that i had started earlier is collecting nice pieces of furniture.  you know, some modern classics.  you may be the only person in your dorm with an eames aluminum group chair that you inherited from your grandpa's friend's wife's cousin's estate sale because they didn't realize how much it was worth, but you undeniably stand out as someone with impeccable taste.  i've always been into furniture, so why didn't i?!  probably the cost and that i didn't think about it at the time, but the earlier you start, the earlier you can have furniture to fill your pad that will last and grow with you, not to mention pieces that hold and often increase in value.  and if you're pretty young or young-looking, you might even be able to get an extra discount on the piece.  (that noise that you hear is the sound of me kicking myself!)

one of the other beauties of modern pieces is that they will always be in style, but you can accessorize them as your tastes change.  you can always warm them up with more floral pillows (that one was for you, mom) or de-accessorize to make things feel more sculptural and starkly modern.

modern mobile

so i was of course checking out modern baby gear and came across these cool modern mobiles by flensted mobiles.  

flensted mobiles is a family-owned company in denmark that has been around since 1954.  husband and wife duo, christian and grethe flensted were so inspired by the birth of their first daughter that they started the company, and have been going strong developing new designs ever since.  although mobile-making is a traditional craft that has been around for eons in denmark, the flensteds were the first to create and market them as decoration for the home.  pretty cool, eh?  i love trailblazers!

below is a solid pine fish mobile that i'm really digging.  it's sophisticated enough to be displayed somewhere other than a nursery, but still nursery appropriate.  (you've probably figured out by now that i'm really not into the babyish look.  i prefer something that a little guy or gal can grow into.)

'jonas and the whale' pictured below is clearly designed for a nursery, but without feeling cheesy.  i love the big smile on ol' whale's face and jonas' pose.

back to a little more sophisticated, here are a couple more of my favs:

silver rhythm made of aluminum, 
and flying chairs (all are made of cardboard expect for silver rhythm).

friendly francesca from florence

i don't mean to brag, but i'm kind of a celebrity.  people know me.  (that's actually a quote from one of my fav movies, "anchorman" ;).  ok, so it may just be one person that knows me, but it doesn't mean that i can't feel like a million bucks!

francesca lancisi posted about me on her blog, and you can check it out here!  thanks, francesca!  you're rad!

cheers to a new year full of great design!

there have definitely been plenty o' interesting product designs over the years (so interesting, shall we say, that they are comical).  being that i have major baby-on-my-mind (as in full-blown panic that there is so much left to do before he gets here next month!  did i just write that?  oh  man, i can't breathe), i had to share this little invention from 1937 called the 'baby cage'.  distributed to members of the chelsea baby club in london who had no yards or gardens, these wire cages suspended little ones out of the windows for some fresh air and vitamin d.  ummm, can you believe people actually did this?!

next up is this dog restrainer from 1940.  again i ask myself, how on earth did this product get manufactured and distributed?  who funded this?!  please call me and i can help you reinvest. 

in design school we were constantly questioned about the concept of our work.  if you focus on having a solid concept, your design should be solid enough to sell itself.  anytime i design anything, i first pull this little gem from my tool chest and keep refining until i think i'm onto something.  it can be a frustrating and humbling process, but once you get your first prototype done and realize that you've got a meticulous, thoughtful design that actually functions, nothing feels better.

so raise your water bottle (because i have to have one within grasp at all times otherwise i'm in a tizzy).  here is to a new year full of new, fantastic, thoughtful, inspiring design!

BIG new year and nine to nine

i've got some big news for a big new year: i'm expecting my first baby!  i've had some difficult years to get to this point, but i am ecstatic and still can't believe the news . . . even though the baby is due in just a couple of months--february 29th to be exact.  my midwife told me that 'i better start believing it because the reality is coming very soon.'  sorry florence, still can't believe it.

there are lots and lots of preparations to be made for this tiny person, and i have loved compulsively researching my his must-haves.  designing baby furniture has always been on the back of my mind, but let's just say that it has presently taken center stage, and hubs and i are scrambling to finish designing and building a crib/ prototype.  once the piece is complete i'll post some pictures of it, but until then you have a nice little teaser to keep you coming back for a weekly clev rev post.  

because we're abroad and don't have our woodshop, we went back and forth about buying a crib, and below is one of my contenders:

the zebra_02 cot by nine to nine.  i of course love the overall whimsy and details (i know, i'm so predictable).  these are details that kinda like a joke layered with witty sarcasm, a 19th century poem, or maybe even some great pat benatar lyrics, not everyone may pick up on all of the details nor fully appreciate them.  the subtly asymmetrical dowels (like asymmetrical zebra stripes), the functional shelf-head and mobile hind legs read animal without blatant ogling eyes or yellow sunglasses and zebra stripes all over it.  given that european design tends to be pretty modern and cutting edge (most notably the kitchen design), i was shocked to have such a struggle to find baby furniture that wasn't covered in teddy bear stenciling and polka dots.  maybe i'm not the norm here, but if you he needs some pattern, get some colorful sheets, patterned curtains and a single teddy in the reading nook.  needless to say nine to nine, your furniture is timeless, fun, hip and creative.  

a toddler conversion kit is available as shown in the image above.