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um project

ummm, i'm kind of speechless.  i came across um project and i really, really love their stuff.  i still feel kind of quiet even though i have been sizing them up reading about their brand for some time now.  i know that you're saying that i'm the 'girl who cries wolf' and that i say that i love stuff all the time.  this is true.  i only feature that which i like and love.  however, what makes um's stuff a little different is that it closely resembles the style of my design aesthetic.  it's quirky, modern, has some elements of the unexpected, mixes materials, some pieces have some modularity, and the products are well made.  i know that it sounds like i'm tooting my own horn here (horns tooting, wolves crying, what next?!), but that's how i like to think about design and what i think it should embody.  i'm not always successful at it, but i work hard and strive for it.