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buon natale!

christmas has technically come and gone, but it's never too late for one last buon natale!  i hope your christmas and holidays were filled with everything beautiful and modern!

fav. etsy ornaments!

good ol' etsy . . .  chock full of creative self-starters, boutique shops, unique products, reasonable prices, and love.  yes, love.  do you feel it every time you go onto the site or is it just me?  if you're ever accused of not giving a thoughtful gift, i really think that etsy could be your answer.  the products are all handmade so that alone should pull on the recipient's heart strings, followed by the fact that you can't just run into a store and grab something last minute.  this is a great combo.  (*insert personal note: although my husb. gives some super thoughtful gifts, a small unexpected gesture never hurts--maybe even during the off-season.  ooo, maybe that was some advice for me, too!  yikers!)

christmas is coming up faster than i can say 'cookies with extra frosting, please', so below are some of my fav etsy ornaments.  and in case you are wondering, of course i have christmas music on while i'm writing this post!

the mustache trend continues in ornament form:
mustache ornaments by PaintRobot.

i absolutely love the idea of origami ornaments all over the tree/ house/ taxidermy head, i only wish that they were made of metal or some other durable material that would last me forever.
origami ornaments by BoldFolds.  so i don't love the beads or the stands that they come on, but the concept, shape, and size totally work.  and i kind of dig them even more because of their witty name.

next up is this clever ornament made from retired snow chains by ReCycledConcepts.  it's not often that you see industrial christmas decor, so i'm of course in. i would be down with lots of these around, leaving some plain, maybe even doing some customizing by coating a few in some high gloss paint.

on a more traditional note, i love these beautiful wooden ornaments cut from sustainable wisconsin woods by TimberGreenWoods:

because i love my dog so much, i feel a sudden, pressing need to have a pet ornament for her.  i am actually feeling quite negligent for not having thought about this sooner!  
personalized pet ornament by WhiteLilieDesigns.

and if that one isn't enough since the holidays often consist of ridiculous excess, maybe i need to get one of these guys by PeteTalbotArt:
it's designed to be a little monster, but i think it's strikingly similar to my pup, moshi mcgee:
do you see it or is it just me?  maybe i need to start a business making custom pet ornaments?  i'll add that to my list of the 6,200 business that i would like to start in 2012.  

happy almost christmas!

francesca lancisi SALE, only a few days left!

remember the exclusive 10% off discount for any francesca lancisi purchase, exclusively for cleverley reviewed readers?!  well it ends in just a few, short days!!!  as in DECEMBER 15TH!  (is it me or does time completely fly around the holidays!)

here's a link to the original post, but to summarize you just use the discount code 'clevrev10' to purchase anything from her lovely shop.  if you have any questions, feel free to email me or francesca directly.  her unique and original artwork make great christmas presents and are inexpensive to ship!  love it!

herman miller's semi-annual 15% off sale!

herman miller is having their semi-annual sale!  you've gotta act fast because the sale ends december 12th, but until then you can get 15% off of your dream pieces.  (*i think that this sale is only going on in the US, but i could be wrong).  you can purchase through any authorized HM dealer, but i know that hive modern stocks quite a few of their pieces and even offers free shipping within the US.

eames lounger, i will have you one day . . . walnut frame and either white or black leather . . . i vacillate between the two.  either way, you are stunning.

um project

ummm, i'm kind of speechless.  i came across um project and i really, really love their stuff.  i still feel kind of quiet even though i have been sizing them up reading about their brand for some time now.  i know that you're saying that i'm the 'girl who cries wolf' and that i say that i love stuff all the time.  this is true.  i only feature that which i like and love.  however, what makes um's stuff a little different is that it closely resembles the style of my design aesthetic.  it's quirky, modern, has some elements of the unexpected, mixes materials, some pieces have some modularity, and the products are well made.  i know that it sounds like i'm tooting my own horn here (horns tooting, wolves crying, what next?!), but that's how i like to think about design and what i think it should embody.  i'm not always successful at it, but i work hard and strive for it.