i'm charlotte cleverley. over the past 20 years i have been learning the ropes as a modern furniture designer. through the highs and lows of my experience, i have become rather acquainted with the non-stop researching, the studying, the compulsiveness, down to being completely swallowed up by this fantastic culture of modern design. the reviews are in! modern never sleeps.
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back home from being home, and florian krautli

sorry for my absence!  i have been visiting fam and friends in the US for the past month and it felt pret-ty gooood to be back in me-motherland.  i was reluctant to leave switzerland, but once i got off the plane i quickly realized that i have missed speaking english and the ease of large, free parking spots.  i've also really missed the food (the US is so much more than hamburgers, btw) and i quickly got to work my first day with homemade waffles courtesy of my mama, then headed out to the mall for a little shopping, then had a burger from in-n-out (i promise that the US really is more than hamburgers and i'm not even a burger girl!, but these burgers are very s p e c i a l and i had to have one immediately), then off to crumbs cupcakes, stopped by see's candies for a sugary palat cleanser, and then sushi for dinner.  best day ever!

i'm back in switz now and call me a bipolar traveler, but it feels really good to be home . . . from being home.  i love this beautiful place and feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to live here, be it only for a few years.

so what better way to jump back into some design bloggin' in switzerland then with a feature on a swiss designer!  florian krautli is a super innovative product designer with some great ideas under his belt.  below are just a few of his pieces, but he has lots more--including a rug made of conductive thread that enables you to tune into a radio station just by standing on it!

isn't that wooden chair awesome?!