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ruckstuhl rugs

i've been on the hunt for some cool, unique rugs lately and happened upon a little store in brig, switzerland right by the train station.  (somehow i ran in there so fast that i didn't even get the name!  sorry about that!  i fell victim to my own eagerness!  ***UPDATE!  got the name!  the store is called WohnDesign.)  it was at that beautiful, modern, nameless store (***nameless no longer) that i came across some ruckstuhl rugs.  and then, my heart began to melt.

i really love them all and could easily find a home for everyone, but the oddly-shaped frayed goldy completely wins my heart.  so do you have a favorite ruckstuhl rug or any rug for that matter that you're totally in love with?  is that a strange question?  how can i love a rug so much?!