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james perse--not just clothing

so you know james perse?  he is a fashion designer known for his high quality, neutral and comfy basics.  his designs are simple and classic.  i have a few of his pieces in my closet and i would love to own many, many more--including this long skirt.  (please my husband, are you reading this?)

so mr. james has decided to venture out into furniture and product design, and he created a seriously perfect pool table.
isn't it perfection?  finally, no more green felt!  (husband, we have to buy this!)  the table is a limited edition piece that is constructed of environmentally farmed solid teak with a black wool surface.  you can also add functionality to it by ordering a top that will convert the table into a dining or conference table.  you can also order the limited edition ping pong table shown below:

i will say that of his furniture, the pool table and even the ping pong table far exceed his other furniture pieces for me, but below are a few other products of his that caught my eye.  

the bowl, not the dog (in case you were confused).

a matte black tricycle for the sophisticated 3 year old.

please tell me that there is a young family of 4 out there riding around your neighborhood in these matching bikes?  it's a little adams family, but that's what i love about it.