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10% discount for clev rev readers!

isn't it the best when someone is super nice on top of being talented?  i know, i think so too.  i met someone like that recently and her name is francesca lancisi.  you may recall that i did a feature on francesca back in the beginning of august and can i say that i just love her?  (clearly her work is beautiful and speaks for itself.  she has a simple, modern, organic style that ranges from slightly whimsical to a bit more serious.)

when i wrote that post i didn't know anything about her other than what i had seen in her etsy shop.  she happened upon my post about her and then sent me one of the kindest emails that my inbox has ever received.  since then we have corresponded back and forth a bit, and i want to help her and she wants to help clev rev readers, so she is offering a special 10% discount off of any purchase from her shop!  pretty cool, right?!  when ordering, just send her the discount code 'clevrev10' anytime from now until december 15th.  original artwork?  talk about a perfect christmas present!

she also recently launched a brand new website and is even hosting a contest there.  just post a comment for her by october 24th and you could win an item from her shop!  (for additional details, check out her website which is linked above).

congrats, francesca!  wishing you the best!

**** U P D A T E ! ****
i received an original francesca lancisi in the mail the other day and wanted to show it off!

the packaging was lovely, creative, and felt very personal.  the quality of the art and her printed materials is nice and professional, so i of course wanted you to be able to get a better look at it!
(btw, i was not endorsed to write this post nor any other post.  all of the products i review on this blog are simply because i dig them.)