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stylish plants

did you ever do that experiment growing up where you talk to one plant and not to the other?  well let me tell you that i did it and the clear, healthier, thriving winner was the plant that was talked to.  my plant may have been happy for a short season (until i stopped talking to it and forgot to water it), but think of how happy a plant would be in a stylish abode such as these planters from ore.

the guy who started the company almost 20 years ago specialized in metal sculpture and functional art, and then turned his focus to the garden design industry.  (see artists, you can be successful despite what your parents may say!)  the planters are all powder-coated metal and made in the USA.

in order of appearance: block planter, modular corner, and the stilt planter.  it's hard for me to pick a favorite, but the red stilt planter initially won my heart.  . . . however, i think i could make space for everyone.  i've got a lot of plants that aren't looking so hot.