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missoni for target

those of you in the US are probably target fans (because it's the type of place that you can't not love), but those abroad may not know about this great american icon.  target is a huge store in the US that has just about everything (it's huge by american standards, so absolutely massive probably translates better).  they carry toys, clothing, furniture, bedding, accessories, stationary, plants, plates, hair care, vitamins, baby items, food, and the list goes on and on, my friends.  and the reason that it is desirable to even a brand snob like myself?  because it makes deals with major designers and will often carry an exclusive line from that designer.  the newest designer added to the mix?  MISSONI!!!  yes, that missoni!!

so i've been surfing target's website for a couple of days now, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over so many wildly fabulous printed things.  most items are sadly now out of stock (i'm sorry to have written this post so late, but better late than never?), but i thought it was still worth sharing.  check out target's website and search 'missoni'.

 above is the out of stock rug that i desperately needed.  sniff.  sniff.

above is the blanket that i also desperately needed.  also . . . out of stock.  more sniffs and maybe even a sad little cough just to add emphasis.