i'm charlotte cleverley. over the past 20 years i have been learning the ropes as a modern furniture designer. through the highs and lows of my experience, i have become rather acquainted with the non-stop researching, the studying, the compulsiveness, down to being completely swallowed up by this fantastic culture of modern design. the reviews are in! modern never sleeps.
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crossing off my list

so i have another to-buy item that i desperately need to cross (seriously, no pun was intended) off my list--this fantastic medicine cabinet by cappellini.  for some, this humanitarian icon might be especially relevant because the sight of your medicine cabinet makes people very ill.  constructed of lacquered metal, this classic beauty was designed by swiss architect thomas ericksson for cappellini.  if you have a sudden need to stalk his work, i linked his name to his company, TEA for you.  if you already checked out ericksson's work and finally made your way back here, i know what you're thinking; i wish he could marry into my family as well.  wouldn't it be lovely to have christmas dinners with someone with such great taste?  people have mentioned that of me as well.  not really, but i'm hoping that someone will now that i've put the idea out there.

to add to ericksson's repertoire, this piece is part of a permanent collection at the museum of modern art in new york.