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chiles in the house

ok, so the title is a really dumb joke (of which i boast that i may have a small reputation for), but i wanted to talk about a company called chilewich that make some cool products, like the placemats and coasters shown below.  and yea, you can use them in your house.
my husband and i designed and built a solid walnut table back in january, and i purchased these gold beauties for it below (from crate and barrel).  i love how these placemats can accent the tabletop showing through like pieces of jewelry.
chilewich's products are notoriously durable and easy to clean.  they are all made of a vinyl fabric, and some have an added backing for rigidity.  the company has geniusly used this patented material to make all sorts of things, from tabletop coverings, to bags, to window shades, iphone covers, rugs, and pet mats.  not too shabby.  and using so much of the same material for such a vast variety of products doesn't hurt their prototyping costs.  in other words, i won't be surprised if we see a slew of additional products come out from this bird.  that's what us small design manufacturers are always thinking about--money for the next prototypes!