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be brave

so i started an intensive italian class on monday and it has been . . . intensive.  it has been really fun though, too.  it's fun to be a student again, and in another life i would definitely like to be one of those perpetual students.  you know who i'm talking about.  they are the people who never seem to graduate because there is always another class to take or degree to pick up.  and it's funny how tuition and housing costs never seem to come up.  i've always wondered and coveted.  so in the spirit of learning i felt it oh-so-appropriate to talk about this modern desk by brave space design.  it's called the delta desk and is available in a few different woods (including bamboo), as well as several color combos.

so i agree that the desk doesn't photograph that well, but the concept is really cool with the winged shelves on each side, don't you agree?  very handy, simple, and did i mention that the desk is eco-friendly?  i know, i love that, too.