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annual knoll sale ends oct 2!

i almost forgot to tell you!  knoll's annual 15% off sale is on and it ends october 2!  (this is true for the US, i unfortunately don't have a confirmation about elsewhere.)

please tell me all about your purchases so that i can swoon with you!

lamps that love you back

you can't honestly think that i could come across these little gems and not talk about them, right?  you know me better than that.  if it involves a modern animal silhouette, there is a high likelihood that i will want it and need to tell you about it.

created by matt pugh from sustainable woods and quality materials, these lamps are handmade in the UK.  

piet hein eek

i am obviously in love with great design (as in anything that i deem innovative or just plain cool) and am always on the quest/ lookout for designers and products.  if you know of something or someone that you think that i need know about, please give me a shout!

a friend of mine recently suggested that i check out piet hein eek.  he is a dutch designer that is quickly gaining popularity with his huge range and distinctive style.  he is super duper creative and is probably most known for his scrapwood pieces.  he works in many mediums as evident in the pictures below (retrieved from his website).  below is a snippet.

he even makes wallpaper!  

missoni for target

those of you in the US are probably target fans (because it's the type of place that you can't not love), but those abroad may not know about this great american icon.  target is a huge store in the US that has just about everything (it's huge by american standards, so absolutely massive probably translates better).  they carry toys, clothing, furniture, bedding, accessories, stationary, plants, plates, hair care, vitamins, baby items, food, and the list goes on and on, my friends.  and the reason that it is desirable to even a brand snob like myself?  because it makes deals with major designers and will often carry an exclusive line from that designer.  the newest designer added to the mix?  MISSONI!!!  yes, that missoni!!

so i've been surfing target's website for a couple of days now, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over so many wildly fabulous printed things.  most items are sadly now out of stock (i'm sorry to have written this post so late, but better late than never?), but i thought it was still worth sharing.  check out target's website and search 'missoni'.

 above is the out of stock rug that i desperately needed.  sniff.  sniff.

above is the blanket that i also desperately needed.  also . . . out of stock.  more sniffs and maybe even a sad little cough just to add emphasis.

cool cat

i don't currently have a cat, but if i did, heck yes i would be splurging on this!!

the cat accesses this little plastic throne through the top, and the top grate catches litter granules that gravity may have missed.    

modkat very thoughtfully designed this stylish, modern litter box, my only OCD cleanliness issue is the scooper/ brush on the side.  it's a logical place yes, but i think i need a little cubby or something for that thing to be housed in.  seeing it out kind of triggers my gag reflexes and makes me paranoid that i might accidentally bump into it in while wearing my favorite jeans.  now that would be a troublesome!

the coolest cutlery holder . . . perhaps ever

since i'm officially a swiss resident for the next few years, i of course want to really embody this experience.  what better way than to start with this nifty and oh so witty cutlery holder by art. lebedev studio?  it's originally designed for kitchens, but i think it would be great for office clutter, too.  the only downer (and it's a big one) is that is doesn't appear to be currently available for purchase.  insert disappointed sigh.  i almost didn't feature this item because of its lack of availability, but i couldn't resist.  i'm such a sucker for witty.

stylish plants

did you ever do that experiment growing up where you talk to one plant and not to the other?  well let me tell you that i did it and the clear, healthier, thriving winner was the plant that was talked to.  my plant may have been happy for a short season (until i stopped talking to it and forgot to water it), but think of how happy a plant would be in a stylish abode such as these planters from ore.

the guy who started the company almost 20 years ago specialized in metal sculpture and functional art, and then turned his focus to the garden design industry.  (see artists, you can be successful despite what your parents may say!)  the planters are all powder-coated metal and made in the USA.

in order of appearance: block planter, modular corner, and the stilt planter.  it's hard for me to pick a favorite, but the red stilt planter initially won my heart.  . . . however, i think i could make space for everyone.  i've got a lot of plants that aren't looking so hot.

be brave

so i started an intensive italian class on monday and it has been . . . intensive.  it has been really fun though, too.  it's fun to be a student again, and in another life i would definitely like to be one of those perpetual students.  you know who i'm talking about.  they are the people who never seem to graduate because there is always another class to take or degree to pick up.  and it's funny how tuition and housing costs never seem to come up.  i've always wondered and coveted.  so in the spirit of learning i felt it oh-so-appropriate to talk about this modern desk by brave space design.  it's called the delta desk and is available in a few different woods (including bamboo), as well as several color combos.

so i agree that the desk doesn't photograph that well, but the concept is really cool with the winged shelves on each side, don't you agree?  very handy, simple, and did i mention that the desk is eco-friendly?  i know, i love that, too.

chiles in the house

ok, so the title is a really dumb joke (of which i boast that i may have a small reputation for), but i wanted to talk about a company called chilewich that make some cool products, like the placemats and coasters shown below.  and yea, you can use them in your house.
my husband and i designed and built a solid walnut table back in january, and i purchased these gold beauties for it below (from crate and barrel).  i love how these placemats can accent the tabletop showing through like pieces of jewelry.
chilewich's products are notoriously durable and easy to clean.  they are all made of a vinyl fabric, and some have an added backing for rigidity.  the company has geniusly used this patented material to make all sorts of things, from tabletop coverings, to bags, to window shades, iphone covers, rugs, and pet mats.  not too shabby.  and using so much of the same material for such a vast variety of products doesn't hurt their prototyping costs.  in other words, i won't be surprised if we see a slew of additional products come out from this bird.  that's what us small design manufacturers are always thinking about--money for the next prototypes!

cerno lighting

walnut and aluminum.  what more do you need?

aren't they beauties?  pictured above is the silva floor and table lamp.

cerno lighting is an industrial design and manufacturing company out of southern, ca that has been in business since 2009.  they design simple, modern and elegant lighting fixtures, using eco-friendly manufacturing practices, followed up with some great customer service--we're talking  a 2 year performance guarantee and available in-house service for the life of the product.  they have a really cool video on their website http://www.cernogroup.com/cgi-bin/aboutus.asp?Category=AboutUs that will start up when you open the page and will make you ask yourself where is this noise coming from.  just a heads up.

the little video also shows the cubo bed side light that would be super useful for the i-don't-want-to-stop-reading-just-because-you're-going-to-sleep-but-i-will-because-i'm-a-nice-person scenario.  which that is pretty much me every night.  i'm really nice.  the cubo is pictured below, and you can see the joint where the LED fixture in the back can actually swing out.
something about the word 'cubo' also makes me like this product.  come on, i know i'm not the only one who's a sucker for a good name?!

taking a cue from his name: meet richard woods

dear richard woods,

you have great style.

yours truly,

so revisiting the recently posted seems to be the theme this week, so i wanted to revisit established & sons again.  the (2) pieces below are a collaboration between richard woods and sebastian wrong.  these are no doubt cool pieces, but i wanted to focus more on woods.  this is not wrong's day.
let's see if you notice a theme in woods' work.

richard woods is a british architect/ designer and obviously has a very distinct style.  it is inspired by a printmaking technique called woodcutting, and i imagine him doing all of his sketching with a thick, black sharpie marker.  his faux bois pattern is his signature, but his tudor houses steal me.  i've always been a fan of tudor architecture and am really digging the modern twist.  (i tried so hard not to use the word 'love' in this post.  it's easier than it sounds.)

if you're recognizing the above house, it's the multi-million dollar new york home of bob and courtney novogratz (from the tv show 'home by novogratz' and their past series '9 by design').

crossing off my list

so i have another to-buy item that i desperately need to cross (seriously, no pun was intended) off my list--this fantastic medicine cabinet by cappellini.  for some, this humanitarian icon might be especially relevant because the sight of your medicine cabinet makes people very ill.  constructed of lacquered metal, this classic beauty was designed by swiss architect thomas ericksson for cappellini.  if you have a sudden need to stalk his work, i linked his name to his company, TEA for you.  if you already checked out ericksson's work and finally made your way back here, i know what you're thinking; i wish he could marry into my family as well.  wouldn't it be lovely to have christmas dinners with someone with such great taste?  people have mentioned that of me as well.  not really, but i'm hoping that someone will now that i've put the idea out there.

to add to ericksson's repertoire, this piece is part of a permanent collection at the museum of modern art in new york.