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nice legs

i am still daydreaming about that moooi horse lamp and couldn't help but devote an entire post to some of my favorite legged pieces.  i love the whimsy of animals integrated into design in cool, modern ways.  meet ibride.  it's quirky and just plain makes me chuckle.  below:  bambi chest of drawers, zelda basset small bench, and the ostrich table.

but keep in mind that pieces like these aren't just for kids' rooms.  they can have an unexpected sophistication if accessorized right, and can be a great conversation starter (or breaker) if you ever need one.  my social awkwardness screams for some ostrich legs!  

while we're talking about animals, we'll show off a few more pieces from the moooi zoo.  below is their pig table and rabbit lamp.  

allow me a disclaimer--i'm not suggesting that you use every should-be-moving model you can get your hands on, but rather just a few to add a little spunk to your space.  i conclude with some wise words: animals look cute, but they don't smell cute.  

so what do you think?  are you planning to adopt an animal piece into your space?