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the company moooi has been quickly gaining popularity and it's no surprise why.  they are trendsetters in design, and for that alone i'm a big fan.  they don't have a box to break out of because they never had one to begin with.  it's the viewers, the clients and customers that dare i say, make the box.  (i think fear, money, and monotony also make the box, but we don't have to go there).  that's something that i struggle with as a designer--fitting into a mold so that you can sell more product, catering to price points, demographics, and what people think they like.  this really kills me, people are so scared to break out of what they know that they aren't willing to try something that they could love.  cheesh, i'm feeling talkative today!

below is one of moooi's most popular designs, the horse lamp.  it's large, measuring in at at 94.5"H x 90.6"W, but the scale is really what makes it.  it's a show horse piece.  it's a functional sculpture--one of my favorite things in the whole world is functional art.  oh my goodness, i just love it and get giddy writing those words.  (my husband would be so proud.  the form/ function discussion arises frequently in our home.  i'm a designer and he is an engineer.  enough said.)  

more moooi below starting with the bottoni shelf sofa, monster chair, and lastly the square rug:

so do you have any design rants?  what are your issues when it comes to design?  do you have a box?  well one thing you do have is a safe place to vent if you need to!