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classy bean bag by little red stuga

look at this thing!  have you ever seen a more attractive bean bag chair?!  it's so chic and so original.  ok, so the 100% cotton knit probably won't hold up that well over time, but this is a soft-sided sculpture for pete's sake!  it's beautiful!  i envision these little beauties scattered throughout a large, high-ceilinged art gallery, a modern take on those heinous chairs with drink holders often found in screening rooms, or pretty much any room in my house.
the ombre effect of the knit is fantastic and reminiscent of the snow-capped mountain in sweden that this piece is named, inspired by, and modeled after (that's how the company typically designs, based on something that they're inspired by).  it is the tallest mountain in sweden and is called the kebnekaise for those perhaps geographically challenged like myself.

 the mountain height documented on the underside, which translates to over 6, 902'.

i found this on kidslovedesign.com.  i don't get any kick back from the products or companies that i feature, so if you could click on any ads that you might be interested in, that would be a great help.