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nice legs

i am still daydreaming about that moooi horse lamp and couldn't help but devote an entire post to some of my favorite legged pieces.  i love the whimsy of animals integrated into design in cool, modern ways.  meet ibride.  it's quirky and just plain makes me chuckle.  below:  bambi chest of drawers, zelda basset small bench, and the ostrich table.

but keep in mind that pieces like these aren't just for kids' rooms.  they can have an unexpected sophistication if accessorized right, and can be a great conversation starter (or breaker) if you ever need one.  my social awkwardness screams for some ostrich legs!  

while we're talking about animals, we'll show off a few more pieces from the moooi zoo.  below is their pig table and rabbit lamp.  

allow me a disclaimer--i'm not suggesting that you use every should-be-moving model you can get your hands on, but rather just a few to add a little spunk to your space.  i conclude with some wise words: animals look cute, but they don't smell cute.  

so what do you think?  are you planning to adopt an animal piece into your space?    

established & sons stacked drawers

the 'typical' set of drawers has been challenged with these stacked drawers by established & sons.  the drawers can be pushed/ pulled in both directions, and ordered in a set of (8) or (13) drawers.  functional and sculptural (wink, my fav), they are designed and manufactured in the uk along with a slew of other interesting products.


the company moooi has been quickly gaining popularity and it's no surprise why.  they are trendsetters in design, and for that alone i'm a big fan.  they don't have a box to break out of because they never had one to begin with.  it's the viewers, the clients and customers that dare i say, make the box.  (i think fear, money, and monotony also make the box, but we don't have to go there).  that's something that i struggle with as a designer--fitting into a mold so that you can sell more product, catering to price points, demographics, and what people think they like.  this really kills me, people are so scared to break out of what they know that they aren't willing to try something that they could love.  cheesh, i'm feeling talkative today!

below is one of moooi's most popular designs, the horse lamp.  it's large, measuring in at at 94.5"H x 90.6"W, but the scale is really what makes it.  it's a show horse piece.  it's a functional sculpture--one of my favorite things in the whole world is functional art.  oh my goodness, i just love it and get giddy writing those words.  (my husband would be so proud.  the form/ function discussion arises frequently in our home.  i'm a designer and he is an engineer.  enough said.)  

more moooi below starting with the bottoni shelf sofa, monster chair, and lastly the square rug:

so do you have any design rants?  what are your issues when it comes to design?  do you have a box?  well one thing you do have is a safe place to vent if you need to!  


classy bean bag by little red stuga

look at this thing!  have you ever seen a more attractive bean bag chair?!  it's so chic and so original.  ok, so the 100% cotton knit probably won't hold up that well over time, but this is a soft-sided sculpture for pete's sake!  it's beautiful!  i envision these little beauties scattered throughout a large, high-ceilinged art gallery, a modern take on those heinous chairs with drink holders often found in screening rooms, or pretty much any room in my house.
the ombre effect of the knit is fantastic and reminiscent of the snow-capped mountain in sweden that this piece is named, inspired by, and modeled after (that's how the company typically designs, based on something that they're inspired by).  it is the tallest mountain in sweden and is called the kebnekaise for those perhaps geographically challenged like myself.

 the mountain height documented on the underside, which translates to over 6, 902'.

i found this on kidslovedesign.com.  i don't get any kick back from the products or companies that i feature, so if you could click on any ads that you might be interested in, that would be a great help.  

francesca lancisi

i came across this great etsy shop and had to share.  francesca lancisi creates some lovely and simple watercolors, and enhances them with abstract ink patterns.  her works are reasonably priced and she also has some reprints that she sells as greeting cards.  she lives, works and is inspired by florence, italy.