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creative biz cards

it's important to make a great first impression, and it's even more important that your great first impression is memorable.  insert some seriously creative business cards below:

hopefully these cards don't go stale or crumble in your back pocket

the referral from a referral business card

very interactive

personalize through cut and style

drawing attention through minimalism

who can resist a pop-up? 

encouraging the recipient to 'google' you.  genius.  would recommend the concept for a resume!

i think that yoga, the haircut card, and plastic surgery are my top favs

love this visual for fitness trainer zohra mouhetta.  

creative and charming, and definitely not forgettable.  what did we learn?  be clever, encourage interactivity with the card, it pays to die-cut, hire a graphic designer if necessary, and splurge because this could single-handedly book you a sweet gig!

click the link for the refs.


i love witty.  no need to expand because that's all there is to it.  hence why i am loving Alissia Melka-Teichroew's designs from her company, AMT.  i'll let the (great) images speak for themselves.

AMT uses modern materials like acrylic and stainless steel to create some of her designs (like the rings above; she also makes the acrylic rings in a 14k gold version that i simply must have).  and she obviously cares about packaging (as a designer should!) because she includes some lovely letterpress cards with most, if not all of the products.  products are available at her shop, buyamt.com.  my birthday is april 26th, fyi.

take a seat

this post is a tad late, but i went to the international furniture show in milan this past april.  if you just heard something, it was the sound of a dream being checked off my list!  i keep lists for everything and dreams are no exception.  the show was pretty spectacular.  it was that--a show.  it was like a U2 concert, but for furniture; 2,500,000 square' of glorious furniture.

the show was started in 1961 and was originally designed solely for italian manufacturers, but has continued to grow into what it is today.
1970's pic courtesy of the show's archives:

and 2011:

i am chair obsessed, so this post mainly focuses on chairs that caught my attention, be it style, construction or ingenuity.
i pretty much want the above picture framed in my living room.  

if you would like more info about the pictures or products featured in this post, just shoot me an email.