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time for timeless

ok modernists, perhaps it's a bit cliche, but i feel that it's only appropriate to start out with the one and only--eames rocker.  i own this little gem and can tell you that it is perfectly sculptural, goes with everything, and is comfortable to boot.  the scale can seem a bit kid-size, so i love seeing adult's reactions when they sit in one for the first time and realize that it's just a petite 'one size fits all'.

i love the eiffel style metal combined with the light wood, rock solid (forgive the pun) wood bases.  there are lots of reproductions of the chair, but it is still reasonably priced for a classic and in my opinion, definitely worth a little splurging on.  laying on the floor and looking up at the underbelly of this little beauty to see the herman miller sticker looking down on me is very satisfying (in a patronizing kind of way).